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The Refuge
A Home of Hope!

Ladies at the refuge

A lovely 5 bedroom/4 bath home on 3 acres. The property is located about one hour from Calvary Commission, south of Palestine, Texas.. One walk through the house and you know it was designed for women to live there. It has wonderful vanities, a beautiful kitchen with a walk in refrigerator, a huge great room with a 6 ft stone fireplace. As we have worked with ladies from prison, we have recognized their greatest desire is to be with their children. The transition period after incarceration is never an easy one. For many, their only option is to move back to the home from which they came. It is often a snare for them. The Refuge is located in a very secluded area that will provide a place of security, solitude and a place to re-connect with their children.

Living Room
Taking The Message Of The Cross To The World

We here at Calvary Commission offer short-term mission opportunities to anyone willing to go and serve foreign people groups.
Our short-term mission trips will give you a hands on opportunity to serve and testify. If you have a desire to make a difference in our world with an impacting witness, you can get your feet wet in missions or if you have had previous missions experience, you will be re-charged with an opportunity to confirm your missionary heart. Feel free to browse through our upcoming trips and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Join us in prayer as we seek to see His kingdom come and His will be done in our world today.

Joe & Charlotte Fauss

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There is Hope !!