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Calvary Commission Strategic Prison Ministry
A Movement of Hope!

The Refuge Women's Center (click here)

The movement began at Teen Challenge in Tyler, Texas.  When one of the residents of our Boy's Home had to go to court, we thought he would get probation, but the Judge sent him to the Texas Department of Corrections. As we went to minister to him, we discovered a whole prison world and thousands of hopeless men and women who had messed up, been locked up, and who had given up. God put into our hearts a Message of Hope. We began to receive parolees into a loving Christian community. As we saw the vision in the hearts of these zealous new Christians, we saw a vision of a unique missions organization that would take hope and help to a hurting and troubled world.

God gave birth to a new movement of hope, it was called Calvary Commission. Now, today, there are over 200 inmates in prison who have been approved to come to our training school upon release. Hundreds have come and have been helped since those first years. There will be some of these "Commissioners" who are now pastors, educators, missionaries, and businessmen.
Calvary Commission has teams in Belize, Romania, England, Peru, India, and at 6 different places in Mexico as well as strategic contacts and missions to Cuba.

At our recent missions conference, we were blessed to hear the testimony of Steve Campos. He told of his life of drugs and crime. Then he said, "I was in the Coffield Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections and in came Joe Fauss and Calvary Commission with their message of hope. Today, I can truly say that God has put my life back together. I am happily married and I am a practicing attorney with my own law firm in Austin, Texas. I am the leader of a house church and I go to the Austin jail weekly to minister. You do have a Calvary Commission in Austin."

Calvary Commission teams each take hope to men and women in prison with Hope Rallies, Life Skills classes, and volunteer chaplaincy.

A Calvary Commission distinctive in prison ministry is residential aftercare with transitional housing, meeting parole requirements, discipleship and ministry training with opportunities to take hope to others.

Our International Center of Missions welcomes the aftercare programs allowing

a person to transition from a prison inmate one day to a college student the next!

ICOM is a college level missions institute with "On-The-Job Training"

It is located in Lindale, Texas that can award an associate's in missions

with continuing opportunities to earn an associate's, bachelor's, masters, or doctorate awards through affiliate organizations.     

A 1 Year Commitment
A 4 Year Possibility

1st Year                        Track 1                         Discipleship

2nd Year                       Track 2                         Ministry

3rd Year                        Track 3                         Missions

4th year                        Track 4                         Leadership 

In addition to the academic programs the discipleship student is challenged with the principle of giving.

Let him who stole steal no longer, but rather let him labor, working with his hands what is good, that he may have something to give him who has need (Eph 4:28).

A wood products factory helped us get started and taught many valuable lessons to the students.  We have built our own buildings, repaired our vehicles, developed agricultural projects, and today the on-the job training allows each participant to be a team member to provide maintenance to the 186 acre campus.  Daily work assignments are given which provides for skill development and vocational training.

Various outreaches are possible including church planting and participation in childcare at the Josiah and Bethany Children's Home in Reynosa, Mexico. 


International Center Of Missions

Wanted!  God-Loving  Movers,

Shakers, & Risk Takers

Do You Want To Do Something Great For A Great God?

The process begins with an inmate writing and asking for information to:

Patrick Heese,

Coordinator of Training

P.O. Box 100

Lindale, Texas 75771


Taking The Message Of The Cross To The World

We here at Calvary Commission offer short-term mission opportunities to anyone willing to go and serve foreign people groups.
Our short-term mission trips will give you a hands on opportunity to serve and testify. If you have a desire to make a difference in our world with an impacting witness, you can get your feet wet in missions or if you have had previous missions experience, you will be re-charged with an opportunity to confirm your missionary heart. Feel free to browse through our upcoming trips and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Join us in prayer as we seek to see His kingdom come and His will be done in our world today.

Joe & Charlotte Fauss

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