Letter from the Director May 2018

Joe Fauss writes: “You’re on the chain”, No matter how long you’ve been asleep or how loud it’s shouted, you know you are going somewhere. At the county jail, you are handcuffed and sometimes to another inmate and put on what is called in Texas, the Bird (a very uncomfortable old school bus), off you go to a state prison to begin your sentence.

Now let me give you a story of hope. An inmate serves his time (just last week we received at Calvary Commission men who had served long sentences. One 21 years, another 17 years.) These men had found Jesus and had grown to become men of God ready to launch into Bible College training and ministry. Compare this “Hope Story”: April 1, 2018, Eight men (All former inmates – not on a Blue Bird, not in handcuffs but Bibles in hand) boarding a comfortable Southwest Airlines to fly to Belize Central America to go to prison again.

This time to take a hope message and needed personal supplies to the inmates at the Belize Central Prison and also to the juvenile prison. They joined Patrick Heese and Jeffrey Nickell who was released in 1984 and has served in Belize over 30 years. They came back rejoicing and ready to continue at Calvary Bible Institute. How powerful to be in prison one day and a Bible College Student the next. We are on a mission!

This summer we will be in two areas of Mexico, in Romania, and into New Mexico ministering to the Apache Native Americans. This year July 11, 2018, Calvary Commission will be 41 years old. People ask, “How are you supported?” Our answer is always the same. “By the faithful friends who desire to join us. We do appreciate your interest, prayers, and help. We are blessed to be a blessing. Thank you for your interest, prayer, and help.

With great hope, Joe and Charlotte Fauss

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  1. Had the honor of serving in Reynosa Josiah and Bethany Children’s home 30 yrs. ago. Jim Seib and family. Hope that all of our friends are doing well. Like to visit again with our 11 children and 20 grandchildren please let me know more.
    Add our name to newsletter. Thank you.

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