Gary Treybig, A Calvary Testimony


In 2013 God placed a special ministry in my life. Calvary Commission is home to
Calvary International Bible Institute. I applied and was accepted. I am 18 months into
my second year for my Associates in Biblical Studies. I am in the center of God’s will
being discipled and trained for the ministry.

I was released from prison on October 30, 2017. I went and applied for my
passport to be ready for the opportunities that would arise. A Belize Outreach was
coming up in April of 2018. The two callings God had placed on my life I was going to
be able to fulfill just being out of prison 6 months.

Our team left for Belize on April 1 st 2018. There were 9 of us, all ex-inmates from
Calvary Commission. We each had two suitcases loaded down with Bibles, hygiene
items, tennis shoes, and flip flops. God had provided the needs and prepared the way.
We arrived at the home we were going to be staying in Belmopan, Belize. The
next day we unpacked and itemized everything getting it ready to distribute to the men
at Belize Central Prison.

Upon arriving at the prison the next day I was a little nervous. After all I had only
been out of prison 6 months. But once I walked through the front gate I knew without a
shadow of doubt that I was in the center of God’s will.

We spent 4 days at Belize Central Prison. The majority of our time was
ministering in Tango 1, which is the Faith-Base Program. We also ministered to the
youth, and had an open call service for the whole prison. In Tango 1 we each led a
small group. I had 7 in my group and led one to the Lord. His name is Dorian. We still
keep in contact by phone. I call it long distance discipling.

On our last day there we partook of the Lord’s Supper with Tango 1. Also, we
provided a meal for them. They eat bread and water twice a day. Out of all the things
we could have brought in to eat the majority wanted bologna sandwiches. After we ate it
was time for us to leave. To be honest I wasn’t ready to leave these men behind. As I
was walking out the prison I had tears in my eyes, tears of sadness and joy.

Wherever we went in Belize we brought Christ with us by our preaching/teaching,
testimonies, witnessing, praise and worship. My time in Belize was the most amazing
time of my life. I went there to be a blessing, but ended up being blessed.
I would have never thought or dreamed that I would be in another country
fulfilling the Great Commission. But God had ordered my steps and all I had to do was
be obedient and faithful to the call and walk in them.

On April 14 th 2019 I am answering that call again. May God go before me and may He ultimately get the glory in it all.

Jack Smith, A Calvary Testimony

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