Calvary Commission Newsletter December 2019

Reaching Forward
Staff Feature – Calvary Commission Leadership

In September of 2017, Anne and I were asked to serve as the directors of the Lindale Campus with Anne serving as the Dean of Students. We consider it a privilege and a responsibility to “PROTECT” the vision the Lord has commissioned Calvary Commission with. Our parents, Joe and Charlotte Fauss continue to serve as International Directors and coordinators of the Tuesday morning prayer meeting. If you have prayer needs, please let us know. We have a campus wide prayer meeting every Tuesday morning in the World Commission Center. You’re invited! See for the rest of the story…

Student Academic Center

The Calvary Commission Student Academic Center building materials have arrived, but some assembly is required(batteries not included). Please stand with us so that progress can continue. This building will alleviate the current condition in our over-crowded classrooms,and having to also use our chapel, cafeteria spaces and conference rooms for core curriculum classes.

The next step of construction is scheduled for foundation construction which includes plumbing, reinforcement steel and cement. Remaining construction needs are: electrical, HVAC, plumbing fixtures, lighting, interior room framing and finishing, exterior/interior doors and windows, parking lot and retaining wall. Construction costs will total approximately $500,000.00. Additional classrooms in the Student Academic Center will provide needed space and growth for the future. Please prayerfully consider an end of year donation to help complete this project.

The International Director
Joe Fauss writes:

We have continued with “On-The-Job” discipleship and missions training. Today, we have the Calvary Bible Institute. Growth is great and we have to have classes in the office and auditorium. Construction has begun on an 8,100 square foot Student Academic Center for classrooms, library, computer lab and media center. You can be apart of this Chain of Hope. Tell others about us.Send us students. This is a good investment. Your interest, prayers and help are greatly appreciated. One graduate writes,… “I often think fondly of my two years with Calvary Commission, from 1983 to 1985. We traveled to Mexico and Belize. The solid teaching started there now has me visiting and preaching monthly in our local jail.” We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as chaplains of our local county jail. Every Wednesday our team ministers to the inmates and guards. Please continue to pray.

With great hope,
Joe and Charlotte Fauss

Semester Ends

The CBI fall semester at Calvary Commission has ended.One student wrote,“I was inspired to go to Calvary Bible Institute because I think this school can help,not only form a firm foundation,but also strengthen my relationship with God.”


Operations Director, Construction Project Manager, Instructor

Mike & Tammy Lauterbach Serving as Operations Director, Construction Project Manager, Instructor. Tammy is CLH Outreach Coordinator, ministry receptionist and hospitality. Mike’s current role started 2 years ago. Prior to this he served with Calvary Commission for 13 years.


Associate Chaplains

Joe & Mari Kenna Associate Chaplains serving at Smith Co. Jail weekly to pass out bibles and visit detainees. Teaching classes at CBI. Leading Married Couples Group at Church of Living Hope. Starting to plan this summers mission trip to the Philippines. Attended Church of Living Hope since 2010.


“Hope for Your Future”

“Hope for Your Future” is a ministry for the fulfillment of the essential mission task of the Church in Cuba. It includes both the evangelization and care of elderly people and supporting retired pastors from various evangelical denominations in Cuba. Your support to this ministry is greatly appreciated.

35t Anniversary of Centro de Alabanza Joe Fauss shared:

“With gratefullness to God, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of Centro de Alabanza and La Comision del Calvario. It was a time of celebration as this time was represented through people, pictures, and thanksgiving. ”Glenn Clark, a missionary with Calvary Commission, compared the ministry of Centro de Alabanza and La Comision del Calvario today like driving a car. “We are not looking in the rear view mirror at what is behind us, but focused on what is ahead. ”Joe further stated, “Therefore, with anticipation, we look forward to the future of Centro de Alabanza and La Comision del Calvario.”

The Josiah & Bethany Children’s Home

This children’s home has a capacity for fifty children, all with families, living in a loving environment. Some came to the orphanage at an age too young to remember life any where else. These youngsters are being raised in a devout Christian environment by six full-time and part-time workers. The staff of the home love God and are sacrificing financial livelihood for the greater blessing of accomplishing His will in these children’s lives. In the past,the main income for this tiny haven has come from visiting missionary teams staying overnight in the dormitories. But, with growing economic needs and new government mandates, that source of revenue is no longer sufficient to sustain this very special place of safety. Thank you to all who have partnered with us through the last thirty-five years on behalf of the Josiah & Bethany Children’s Home. Please consider a one-time gift or a monthly contribution for this ministry.

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