Challenging the Impossible: Joe Fauss (English)




Moving Story Offers Hope and Healing for Those Who Are Troubled.

Although the American prison system was originally set up to rehabilitate prisoners so they can rejoin society as productive citizens, decreased budgets, mandatory sentences, and continued overcrowding mean the reality today is much different. The sad truth is that prisoner rehabilitation has all but disappeared in the prison system. But there are some rays of hope for these troubled lives. Challenging the Impossible: Discovering Beautiful Trophies for Jesus is the inspirational story of Joe and Charlotte Fauss, who have spent the past thirty-one years reaching out to prisoners. The book, written by Joe, details how the Fausses first heard the call from God to seek out and help those who were hurting. It also describes the creation of the Calvary Commission, which was formed to offer training and discipleship to these former prisoners.

In this book, you’ll learn:

* How a businessman changed his life’s work into helping others

* That prisoners can be rehabilitated and go on to lead productive, satisfying lives

* The compelling stories of those whose lives have been touched by the Calvary Commission

Anyone who is struggling to escape the past or who is simply looking for meaning in their lives will find this book inspiring, informative, and reflective. Challenging the Impossible is highly recommended for Christians and non-Christians alike.