Theresa Lopian, A Calvary Testimony

Here at Calvary Commission we are discipled, trained, then sent out to apply and share all that
we have been taught.

I was one of the privileged second year students to experience Leon and Tulancingo in 2018.
Nathan and Laura Cole eagerly greeted us as we arrived in Leon. Such an anointed spiritually
gifted couple whom God has called to reach the lost in a very cold city. Leon is a modern city close to the
ones you may see here minus the hospitality. Demonic oppression was very evident here is Leon.
The Cole family has an amazing church that embraces the gospel of Jesus and the presence of
The Holy Spirit. Our team assisted Nathan complete facilities used to educate and disciple children to
become young men and women serving God and sharing the gospel.

We were able to do street ministry; we fed the less fortunate. Sharing our testimonies in church
and men and women’s groups and engaged in children’s ministry.

There is a definite need of spiritual awakening in Leon Guanajuato. An experience I pray that I
will one day repeat.

Leaving Leon, we travelled to Tulancingo Hildago. Such a different atmosphere in the mountains.
A slower pace of life. Many friendly people yet this was another spiritually oppressed city, with
Catholicism as the predominant religion. We were eagerly accepted and appreciated by all whom we
had contact with. It was amazing to them that privileged Americans, or so they thought, would travel
there to labor and do all that was necessary to complete their church in the mountains.
We put into practice preaching, praying, loving children, hospital ministry and sharing the love
of Jesus to many. It was such a beautiful city. We were shown unconditional love like we haven’t seen
anywhere else. Relationships were built that will last a lifetime.

All our hard work and sacrifice paid off during this three-week mission trip. This trip will never
be forgotten.

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