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Beginning in 1986 in Reynosa, Mexico as The International Missions Institute, the International Center Of Missions has prepared students to serve in foreign countries. CBI, a college- level Missions Institute, Calvary International Bible Institute and Theological Seminary are designed to be an on-the-job- Bible Training Center. Calvary Commission has been involved in prison ministry since 1977 and has open doors in Texas prisons with excellent opportunities to give the student hands on training.

We are a 3-Year Bible College that serves. Ministry is our DNA. We have a heart for the prisoner, the city, and the nations. CBI staff and students work in prisons, in the inner city, in churches, orphanages, and schools around the world. CBI is involved in the following: -Discipleship of incarcerated men and women in American prisons. -Care for orphans in Mexico -Teach children in the Andes Mountains -Share Christ's love on the streets of Romania and much more.


The Calvary International Bible Institute and Theological Seminary is governed by a Board of Directors whose knowledge of CIBITS and experience in ministry assures continued adherence to our goals and objectives. CIBITS operates under the covering of Calvary Commission, Inc., a non-profit 501(a) Texas religious non-profit chartered, IRS approved organization. We do not exclude, but rather include.

Credentials – Legal Authority In the State of Texas there are two State Agencies that must approve and attest to the legal standing of any degree-granting school and must permit these schools to operate through conformation in writing that the schools have met the standards required by Texas law to operate on a “religious exemption” basis. Calvary International Bible Institute and Theological Seminary has met the legal requirements of both of these agencies, i.e., The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Workforce Commission.

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