Jack Smith, A Calvary Testimony

Hello, my name is Jack Smith.

I am going to give you a little testimony of a heartwarming experience in
the mountains of San Antonio Grande. As a student at Calvary Commission Bible Institute, I was on my
way to a strange country I did not even know for my first mission trip. For some reason, God has gifted
me with a love for kids. The strange thing about this love is the way these kids are drawn to me. I can
just sit somewhere minding my own business, and for some reason kids are just attracted to me. It is like
God has made me a magnet when these kids just come by, being pulled right to me.

Well, on this particular day, a young little boy was drawn to me and was very fascinated with my watch. The entire
day that little boy was so loving to be around, and so happy to be checking out the watch that I was
wearing. So, at the end of the day, God put it on my heart to give my watch to that little boy, and when I
did he smiled bigger than Texas. As the day went on, we fellowshipped together and had a joyous time
in the presence of each other. Just before supper time the little boy disappeared for a short period of
time. Then, after he came back, we ate a wonderful supper of delicious Mexican food. The little boy
came up to me with a bag that was tied with a bow.

He told me “This is for you.” And then ran off. I opened the bag. This little boy gave me a hat that was handmade, hand stitched.
That had a real beautiful design on it with two roosters and two red roses. This was a heartwarming experience for me
and from that day forward that little boy and I had a special bond with each other, or even until the day I
left. There are only two words that I can say, “But God.”

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