Reaching Forward by Jody and Anne Fauss

Reaching Forward
By Jody and Anne Fauss

I often share with the men in prison that I feel like I have been placed in a “Witness
Protection Program.” You should see the strange looks I get from them. For over
34 years, Anne and I, and our children. have had the privilege of “WITNESSING”
firsthand the power of the Gospel to change lives and set people free. We’ve been
there when a brother or sister walks off the bus with just a few belongings and is
greeted by fellow students for the first time. We’ve seen them complete their studies at
the Calvary Bible Institute and walk across the stage to receive their Associate’s
degree in Biblical Studies and Missions. We’ve seen them struggle with life controlling
issues and then find the Peace that passes all understanding as their faith in Jesus
grows. We’ve seen broken relationships restored in families as they allow the Holy
Spirit to do the work and on His time table.
In September of 2017, Anne and I were asked to serve as the directors of the Lindale
Campus with Anne serving as the Dean of Students. We consider it a privilege and a
responsibility to “PROTECT” the vision the Lord has commissioned Calvary
Commission with. Our parents, Joe and Charlotte Fauss, continue to serve as
International Directors and coordinators of the Tuesday morning prayer meeting. If
you have prayer needs, please let us know. We have a campus wide prayer meeting
every Tuesday morning in the World Commission Center. You’re invited!
So what lies ahead for the ministry of Calvary Commission? Our response would be
MORE LORD! Increase our faith to challenge the impossible. ( Wow, that would a
great name for a book!) We are reaching forward to what God has for us to do through
this particular expression of His heart.
We are in the process of constructing a new Student Academic Center in preparation
for reaching forward.
In closing, can I share a promise I received? I recognize the fact that we are in a
battle for people’s lives and this assignment is not always going to be easy. We will
face many “giants”. But just as David picked up a stone to kill Goliath, the Holy Spirit
spoke to me and promised me that FOR EVERY GIANT WE FACE, THERE IS A
STONE! A stone for the giant of FEAR. A stone for the giant of DOUBT. A stone for
the giant of SHAME. Every giant has a name, but there is a stone for every giant.
We are here to serve. If we can be of any service to you or your church, please don’t
hesitate to contact our office.

We are Reaching Forward,


Jody and Anne Fauss

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