CAUTION Watch Your Step: A Guide to a Life of Freedom [Hardcover]




Would You Like To Have Freedom of Self, True Personal Freedom, Both Spiritual and Physical?

1. Would you like to receive the secrets to getting free and staying free?
2. Would you like to be challenged like never before?
3. Are you ready to hear incredible personal stories of real people who took the challenge and succeeded?
If you answered “yes” to any of these, you need this book!

You can join in a celebration of what the grace of God can do in the lives of men and women who have made the journey from destruction to redemption! This book brings hope where there has been brokenness and captivity, both physically and spiritually. This book will provide you much rejoicing as you see the fruit of this ministry among those who at one time had no hope. It includes an accompanying study guide.

What’s Inside

– Stories of real people who were trapped by spiritual and physical problems throughout their life but got totally free
– Real practical steps to get freedom in your life
– Reflective questions after each chapter
– Study guide that can be used in both a personal and/or group setting
– Great for a Bible study group

Start Reading Today!

You will be amazed at the growth and freedom you will find after reading and applying this book to your life. Start today!